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I just wanted to repost something that my good friend and a great photographer, Nirav Patel recently said in his latest post.

“I love that people are doing weddings in a way that highlights what’s most important to them. It’s time to throw out the templates, the shot lists, the feeling that you have to do something even if it holds no value to you. I feel it’s incredibly important to include things that are significant and meaningful to you as a couple.”

I couldn’t agree more with what he said and was so thankful and blessed that 2014 brought so many amazing clients, now friends into my world.

I said the other day to a mate that the only thing that disappoints me about being a wedding photographer is the fact that you build such amazing friendships with the Bride and Groom that it is sad when the end of the night comes and you dont get to continue that friendship.

To all my 2014 clients( Friends), Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you chose me to capture your day. I hope the photos will always be treasured for many years to come and it reminds you of the love that you shared with each other and family on that special day.

God Bless and heres to another amazing year.


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