Step Out

There’s something mysteriously beautiful about foggy mornings. The trees look ghostlike and everything is so still. It’s as though the landscape has transformed into something otherworldly overnight.

My wife and I have been talking about our future a lot lately. We’re dreaming together about what we want to do, where we want to go and we’re a little unsure how we’ll get there.
Sometimes you wish you had all the answers right now. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. There’s usually a season where things don’t seem to line up and everything is a little ‘foggy’. I’m learning that the only way to move through that is to step out, try something new, make a change. Have Faith. Only then will you start to see the path ahead again.

I am constantly drawing inspiration from world class photographers and creatives and sometimes I can start to feel impatient. I want to find that success too.
I think it is important not to rush the process, but just to enjoy the journey. Find the joy in knowing that there is something far greater to come. The learning part is important too.

If you have come across this post and you feel like you’re in a foggy season in your life, I hope that you find that joy knowing that your dreams and goals can come to pass but you just have to keep walking forward, you just have to step out.

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